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Pamela Parker, Life Well Organized Founder and Professional Organizer

Hello! I'm Pam, the organizer behind Life Well Organized. Folks tell me that my enthusiasm for organizing is contagious, especially once they've seen how a little organization goes a long way towards transforming their homes, offices and lives.

With a label maker in hand, I'm on a mission to help busy families and professionals create functional and efficient spaces that feel like home.

A born organizer, I have been making spaces more organized and processes more efficient for over 25 years. Before starting Life Well Organized, I applied my organizing know-how first as a public school teacher, and later on as a paralegal at top-rated law firms.

I believe that getting organized adds enormous value to daily life, and I am committed to helping others find balance and simplicity through organization. If you are feeling motivated to organize what matters in your life, I'm here to help.

My approach is patient, helpful and encouraging, and I'll work side by side with you to reach your organizing goals.
Member of the National Association of Professional OrganizersMember of the National Association of Professional Organizers